Pleasurists #3

Pleasurists is a round-up of the adult product and sex toy reviews that came out in the last seven days from bloggers all around the sex blogosphere. Did you miss Pleasurists #2? Read it all here. Do you Have a review for Pleasurists #4? Submit it here before Sunday November 16th at 11:59pm PST. Please re-post this list on your own blogs if listed.

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On to the reviews…

Editor’s Pick
Leo – A Sex “Toy Review by N
As we were looking around, I spotted him. “He” stood 7″ inches with 1-½” girth and was perfectly poised on the intricately designed shelfing unit. I almost blushed and forgot all about the girl I came in with.”

Madame Editrix
Scarlet Lotus Sexgeek

Citron Florentine by Ansley Agnello
Sweet G! First Babeland review by Panthera Pardus
Review: Wahl 7-in-1 by Wendy Blackheart
The Smurfator and a Sexual History (G-Twist) by Elle of Kink Unleashed
Catalina Loves the We-Vibe by Catalina Loves
The Lelo Gigi by Ellie Lumpesse

Ella by Ansley Agnello
Fuck it like an 80’s metal band groupie (Iron Maiden dildo) by Bad Bad Girl
Celestial Perfection by Scarlet Lotus Sexgeek
Soju Sugar Dildo by Betty Rocket

Masturbation Sleeves/Devices
Maven masturbation sleeve by Epiphora
Rubber Vaginas: In Good Fun? by CR/LF on

Lube/Massage Oil
Review: Climax Bursts Anal Lube by Rori of Between My Sheets
Sliquid Sassy Anal Lube! by Panthera Pardus
Babeland Naturals Organic Lube Naked by Sexorcism
Kama Sutra Massage Therapy Kit by Domina Doll on Viviane’s Sex Carnival
Himalayan White Tea Massage Oil Spray Review by Stiletto Diaries

Erotic Books/Games
Sex Toy Review: Strip Chocolate by Essin’ Em
PoMoSexuals: Challenging Assumptions about Gender and Sexuality by Scarlet Lotus Sexgeek
Sex- Take A Walk on the Wild Side by The Butterfly Temptress

Liberate your mind, your body, your sex life! by Thursday’s Child
Rope Harvest by Ang
Doorjam Cuffs and Pinwheel by Urban Gypsy

Sextoy Review:: Roundup and Revisits by Dangerous Lilly
Velvet Harness by Alpine Subdreams
Luna Pleasure Bead System: by Lelo by Scarlet Lotus Sexgeek
Sex or Chocolate? Why not both (Lover’s Paintbox) by Domina Doll
Toy Review ~ Lelo Luna Beads by Sylvanus and Mina of At Longing’s End

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      [...] product reviews from the last seven days from all around the sex blogosphere. Did you miss Pleasurists #3? Read it all here. Do you Have a review for Pleasurists #4? Submit it here before Sunday November [...]

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      [...] after it’s first round-up at the end of October. I participated and compiled Pleasurists #2, Pleasurists #3, Pleasurists #4, and Pleasurists [...]

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