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Fallen into Place

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Yesterday (the 19th) was our three year collaring anniversary, though we’ve known each other nearly four years and met face-to-face numerous times before he collared me, he waited until the right moment to bring me that collar. It was accompanied by Norwegian chocolates which he brought from Salt Lake City to Ashland, Oregon (where I was living at the time), and lots and lots of hot heavy sex.

Since my discovery of my Domina side I have been less submissive than ever, though there were plenty of times when I wasn’t submissive before I embraced myself as a Domina, but that’s beside the point. Embracing that side of me gave me permission to explore it, which made me less keen on playing the submissive. Though, since our switching experiment last month with Onyx’s discovery of his bottom side and our decision to switch as we please I have been able to get more and more of the Dominant energy out of me, and now I’m craving submission.

Thinking back to the beginning of our relationship, in those early days even when we were fighting our own love for each other and just giving into the lust we were always Dominant and submissive, but not as much as I thought I wanted us to be. I had these desires of a 24/7 M/s relationship where I had no control and he had total control. It’s possible for others, but not quite for us. I do still desire that to an extent, but I know that it just does not work with our relationship. He has a very hard time saying no to me, and I know how to take advantage of that.

The more I look at our lives now I realize just how wonderful everything has become. I love that we both have opened up to our switch sides and that we can both tease each other and work off each other’s energy in order to enjoy every moment more instead of trying to fit ourselves into a box.

The more I look back at the past year or so, when I was trying to fit us into that box, that triangle peg in a square hole that will never fit no matter how hard you push, I wonder why I was so determined to have it happen. It did work for small periods of time, and then it would deteriorate into our usual routine. I’ve come to realize I like our usual routine! And now that it’s free to be what it is and not being pushed into a box I feel like we’re both breathing easier and enjoying things a lot more.

Still, there are times when I want the more strict D/s dynamic back and I don’t know how to ask for it yet. There are moments where I just want him to grab me by the hair and devour my mouth, or start spanking me and rubbing my cunt, or cover my nose and mouth to control my breath, or pin me down and fuck me like his whore. Yet there are also moments where I don’t want that at all, so I know it’s difficult for him because, like me, he’s still discovering the differences in me between my two power personae, and I’m still figuring out how to signal my change when it happens.

Eventually that will come, however, through our further communication and evolving it will come.

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glen’s collar

I’m working on the collar for glen, it should be pretty damn awesome once I’m finished with it. I’m basically meshing two different collar types together into one, and I hope it will come out the way I envision it.

A few hours later…

I’ve finished the collar!

It didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it might to make, though I didn’t think it would take too long… mostly the preparation for it and getting supplies was the hardest part. I found that there is a Tandy Leather Factory store here in Salt Lake. I have a feeling I will end up going there quite a bit.

Basically it is two straps of leather (one on top of the other, as you can see), connected by rivets, and rivets on either side of the D-ring in the center. A chain in the middle (also connected via rivet) and blue suede lace on either side of the chain. The blue is a little darker looking than it shows in the picture due to the flash. The suede was glued down with a hot glue gun. The back was connected via rivets as well. Overall the collar is 1 1/4″ wide, as are the buckle and D-ring (internal width).

It is made of leather, obviously, though I have lorica (vegan leather) which I am going to make a collar out of, just a plain black strip with a D-ring to which I can attach this heart shaped padlock in order to close it. Very simple, but it will be pretty. I have plans to make a flogger out of the lorica as well. This probably won’t happen until after we get back from Europe, though.

It will be coming with us to England on Saturday. They are planning on doing the collaring… Monday, I think? That’s the first day that glen will be with us.

I’m happy with the way it turned out, and Kat really really was too, which I’m even more happy about. I’m available to make custom collars if any of you want one ;D

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It Has Arrived

In other, better, news, I got my new collar today. The one I posted about back here. It is gorgeous! It’s smaller than I was expecting, kind of delicate while also being bondage-y, so it’s kind of fucking rad. The V- and O-ring combo, too, is smaller than on any of my other collars (not only the ones given to me by Master, but also the ones I bought for myself to wear as a goth chick). It’s so pretty. I’ll take pictures once I take a shower. I must not have gotten all the conditioner out of my hair when I showered, because my bangs look weird now. That’s beside the point.

Technically the collar got here yesterday, but I didn’t check the mail once I got home, and he didn’t check the mail when he got home, and the mail had not come when i got home, so we missed it until this morning. I got it after missing the bus. I told him he had a package, and he opened it and we realized it wasn’t for him, but for me! He wouldn’t let me have it until he got home from work, though. So I went to work disgruntled, but also pleased that he would set that restriction.

When I got home I took it from the box and plastic packaging and took it downstairs. I tried it on briefly, to make sure it fit and that I didn’t have to make another hole for it, and it fits perfectly on the last slot. It even has about 3″ of extra leather, which is rare, so if I do discover I need it out a little more I can easily do so. I have my awl and everything, though a leather puncher would be better, and I’ll have that soon too!

When he got home he noticed that it was not upstairs where he left it, and reminded me I wasn’t to have it until he got home. I had it behind me on the bed when I was kneeling to greet him (as I do when he comes home), so that we could have it accessible. I told him what I had done and he teasingly told me that I’d have to wait a week until I could have it, but soon recanted that and put it on me. It’s gorgeous.

Oh, hell, I’ll post the picture one more time, because I love it.

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Collar Jazz

Master just bought me a new collar, because I found it and I’m in love with it. He said it’s very “me”

Basically I have been wearing a necklace he gave me for the holidays as my collar, it looks like this only with a garnet stone:

and I love it, but I need the feel of something more solid, I think, too. I’ve gone through about three different collars with him, first a temporary one which he gave me, then a simple o-ring one with studs near the o-ring, which is really pretty, but is too small for my HUGE neck now that I’ve gained weight again =( So, I had to get another one, and then that one turned into the necklace. Eventually we still want to get one like Master and I talked about before he first collared me, steel with garnets set in it, but for now, these do.

I’ve been thinking a lot about collars and collaring lately, as not only has it been talked about on my friends list, but I’ve been thinking of designing one for me with my lorica, and then I’m making one for glen, and maybe one for ivyfang, if I can make one she likes. It’s something I feel me using the necklace as collar has kind of neglected, and wearing that has been mostly for work purposes. Perhaps Master and I need to implement something such as when he comes home or when I come home (whoever comes home last) I kneel by him and he puts the collar on me (this new collar?) and it can be something to ground me in my submission.

This would be small and quick and easy that is a little symbol saying that the outside world (except homework for the next month and a half) is not around, and it’s just us and our relationship that is key here. It may be a good way for me to get into that space of submission (not quite subspace, as I consider that something else), similar to my desire for a slavecuntpet name. We’ve both been thinking about it. The closest we’ve (he’s) come to is arani, which I like, but… it’s not quite right, and he agrees. I like the idea of an a name, I think, but nothing we’ve come up with quite works.

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Leathercraft Beginnings

Looking at leatherworking tools at Tandy Leather Factory, I hear they’re the best place to go. I bought some Lorica (vegan leather) from Vegan Erotica a bit back, and it’s wonderful, but I need tools and things before I actually start making things. I have a few things in mind for what I want, but I’m also not sure which to get. I have a feeling I’ll have to place an order, see what I can do, then place subsequent orders after that so that I have everything I need.

I’m supposed to make a collar for my good friend Kat’s slave. She has something specific in mind, and I’m going to do something very similar. I’m working on getting all the materials together, which will include real leather (she didn’t want any of my fake stuff, even though it’s awesome) as well as some braiding and both O- and D-rings and a buckle at the back. It’s going to be awesome, but one of the questions is, when will I get to work on it? But, the sooner I get the tools, the sooner I can work on it. So, at least I’m stepping in the right direction.

I want to make myself some cuffs and such, too, I think. Perhaps I should do that first, with the Lorica, to get used to working with the tools I have, because I want their collar to be perfect, and my stuff can be kinda queer.

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Things I Want

A collar like one of these two, or some combination thereof (but not ruby, like the first one is, garnet, which closely resembles what Master first described to me to be the collar he would like to get me:
(14:49:41) (@living`dead`pet) so, i decided that mentioning wanting to buy me a collar but then not getting one is not nice, despite of the fact that you can’t find one. that’s not the point.
(14:50:20) (@Pan) Oh I am getting you one
(14:50:33) (@living`dead`pet) i know
(14:50:58) (@living`dead`pet) but i want it now =P
(14:51:16) (@Pan) Maybe I’ll get you a fairly basic one at first until I can afford to have another custom made
(14:52:35) (@living`dead`pet) it could work
(14:52:47) (@living`dead`pet) i don’t completely mind waiting, only i do
(14:52:50) (@living`dead`pet) if that makes sense
(14:52:52) (@Pan) The one I envision would be pretty pricey, but very pretty
(14:53:02) (@living`dead`pet) oh?
(14:53:51) (@Pan) mmmhmmm
(14:55:01) (@Pan) Thinking of an all metal collar, with three rings and set with garnets
(14:56:13) • @living`dead`pet grins
(14:56:23) (@living`dead`pet) that sounds nice. though, yes, pricey
(14:57:38) (@Pan) But a nice leather collar in the meanwhile to let you get used to wearing it would be nice
(14:57:59) • @living`dead`pet nods
(14:58:37) • @Pan smiles

The first one shown is ruby, as mentioned, and I would want garnets, the second one has onyx. We were thinking one ring and maybe a garnet, onyx, garnet pattern or visa versa, something like this:

only with garnets and onyx, but the changing colors and number is correct. It’s super expensive, though, but I love it, and so does Master.

We also figure, with that, since it’s smallish I’d be able to wear play collars with it as well, and I could get a collar to wear at work that would be work-acceptable which would cover that one. So…

For work I want:

in black.

For play I want these two (and more):

And then generally I’m wanting to get both The Master’s Manual and The Compleat Slave both by Jack Rinella, two that go together and have both me and Master read them. Also wanting SlaveCraft which is written by “a grateful slave” and Guy Baldwin. They both seem interesting. I also want tons of other bondage books, but those are my current top-of-the-wishlist.

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