The Butterfly Temptress Cancer Fund

Butterfly Nude by Leah HawkerFound via Domina Doll’s post
I’ve put off posting about my lovely friend The Butterfly Temptress, not because I don’t want to help, but because every time I think about posting to talk about her battle with cancer and the lack of help she is receiving from the medical community I have [...]

Pleasurists #1

My newest project, Pleasurists.Com, an adult product review round-up, is just about perfect enough to share with you!
Some general information: In some ways it will be similar to Sugasm, except instead of sex blogs in general it is specifically for review posts. Pleasurists will come out every Monday, reviews can easily be submitted via [...]

Happy Halloween (HNT)

Click for the larger version.
I’m a little late on my HNT, but here it is! This is me in my Leather Hobble Corset Dress from Alter Ego Erotics, which I absolutely love and am going to wear on Saturday for a play party we’re going to. The skull is simply half of our [...]

Results of the Switching Test

After our switching attempt was almost over last weekend, Onyx and I talked about it and ended up extending our switch another week, until Sunday night, partially because both of us were enjoying it, and partially because we hadn’t really done too much, I was going a little too slow.
I actually had a harder time [...]

A Few Orgasms Before Bed

Because my blog has been entirely to smut-less lately, even though I have all these ideas for smutty stuff but I end up writing all the introspective stuff first, and because it was hot. Last night…
He stepped out of the shower and came into our bedroom, already knowing what was going to happen. [...]

Review: The Hardcore Harness

This is my second strap-on harness, the first that I bought about four or five years ago, the Terra Firma Harness, and has served me well over the years, but as I always want more than one option for any given activity I decided it was time to get another harness. I looked around [...]

New Masthead

I hadn’t planned on changing my masthead tonight, although I’d been trying to find a new image to use for quite some time but stumbled upon this one by accident. It’s called Femme en Vogue I by Bertram Bahner. I don’t really know who that is, but I saw this via google images [...]

Queering Onyx

Another issue with our relationship that I was having recently is that it was getting more and more… straight, for lack of a better term. I know that there are ways for males and females to interact sexually and romantically that are outside of the heterosexual relationship model and sexuality. I have come [...]

Flesh is the Law

Just because I feel like sharing, and I’m still hyped up from the show…
In honor of the band we went to see tonight, The Genitorturers, I present to you one of my two favorite songs of theirs (the one they didn’t play at the concert–the other favorite is Sin City). After the concert we [...]

Ballet Shoes and Rainbow Knee Socks (HNT)

Click for the larger version.
I decided to combine two of my favorite things for this week’s HNT. Knee socks have been going around the HNT world lately, because not only are they hot but they’re also a staple of fall weather and fashion (in my opinion), and knee sock fetishes seem to abound among [...]

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