The Big Question

If you are under the age of 18 please click here to leave. If you are 18+ you should know this blog contains frank and explicit discussion of sex, sexuality, queerness, gender, BDSM, polyamory/non-monogamy, and whatever else strikes my fancy. Based on this information or my blog in general you may or may not want [...]

Vaginal Revolution!

This is from the seriously fantastic Wendy Blackheart who always seems to have wonderful ideas that I wish I had first (not that I need another project at the moment, but that’s beside the point). She’s starting a fantastic website which I’m planning on contributing to, and I’m re-posting this in hopes that you might [...]

Size & Sexuality

From The Full Body Project by Leonard Nimoy I’ve been thinking a lot about size in general, both big and small and everywhere in between. Chicory (who I met face-to-face yesterday and is fantastic!) and I have been conversing about it, via email, comments, and in our meeting yesterday, and inspired by Thursday’s Child’s Sex [...]

NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar

So it may be my week for PSA’s, and I’m okay with that since I’m all busy with family things up here in Washington. I had the idea not too long ago of taking some of my wonderful blogger friends and starting a burlesque group. It makes me sad that we’re all in different parts [...]

Dacia's Love Machine

Apparently it’s my day for PSA’s (since I haven’t gone to bed yet, I’m counting this with the Bitch post). I adore Audacia Ray and all of her projects, especially Live Girl Review which I think is absolutely brilliant! I plan to read her book at some point (and review it on here, of course), [...]

Bitch Needs Your Help

I remember reading my mom’s copies Bitch magazine years ago while I was still living at home. I began reading it at a point in my life where my feminist nature was already deeply ingrained in me, although I wasn’t consciously aware of it. I don’t remember the year, but I do remember reading issue [...]

100 Sexy Bloggers of 2008

Back in July I posted about Rori from Between My Sheets putting together a top Sex Bloggers of 2008 and asking for nominations. Her list of 100 Sexy Bloggers of 2008 just came out last night! It took her longer than she expected, but less time than I expected as putting together a list of [...]

The Best Sex Bloggers (dot com)

This may be my summer for collaborative writing projects! I changed up the navigation and some of the look of the site yesterday, including changing how single pages look (less stuff on the sidebars, and links to the next page back, etc). But the big thing was navigation. If you’ll notice, right below the banner [...]

On Becoming a Phone Sex Operator

I recently have begun looking into phone sex operator (PSO) work, and with the guidance of the wonderful Ellie Lumpesse I have applied at a few places, and ended up getting a couple offers, one of which I have accepted. Master just faxed in my contract to them today, and so I’m hoping to start [...]