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I’ve just become a reviewer for the wonderful VibeReview “a classy and female-friendly Internet-based adult toy retailer and review site.” I have been looking around their site since it was brought to my attention, and they have some wonderful toys, you should all check them out!

I have just received information about my first round of sex toys, and I am very excited about them!

Remember my post about needing a femme cock? Well, this wonderful dildo is just about perfect! It wouldn’t be my main cock, but it doesn’t get much more femme than this: Vicky Venus is a Goddess-shaped silicone sex toy, how awesome is that? I saw her and immediately fell in love. Plus she’s scarlet! How perfect!

I’m also getting a gorgeous glass dildo, the Sensual Bulb which also looks very yummy, and has that cute purple bottom with a butterfly in it (also a femme toy, don’t you think?) and looks oh-so-delicious for g-spot stimulation. Personally, I adore glass dildos for the hardness and can’t wait to try this one out!

They’re also sending me the Miracle Massager and a Miracle Massager Attachment which will be very interesting to line up against the Hitachi and G-Plus. I love my Hitachi, but the Miracle Massager claims to be even better than the Hitachi, solving the heating issue and easier to grip. We shall see!

Last, but not least, the Silicone Crystal Cote which looks gorgeous and although it looks like jelly it’s silicone (the best sex toy material that isn’t glass or steel) with all those delicious little ridges and bumps it’s going to be a dream! It’s a suction-cup dildo, too, and I can just see the wonderful double-penetration scenarios… me fucking it and sucking Master’s cock, or the other way around… It’s going to be fun!

And they also threw in a Silver Bullet which I was not expecting. I’ve had a few bullets over the years, in fact, the very first sex toy I ever had was a glow-in-the-dark bullet which I bought from the Babeland store in Seattle (it was still Toys in Babeland at that point) with my sister one summer when I was visiting her. I have always loved bullets for their small size and being so easy to use for wonderful direct clitoral stimulation both solo or with a partner, so I’m more than happy to review this one as well!

So, look for all these reviews coming in the next few weeks. I’m sure I’ll let you all know when I receive them, and how well they work! A big huge thank you to Heather of VibeReview for allowing me this opportunity! (I wonder if she’s sick of me thanking her, as I have probably six or eight times in the last 24 hours)

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9 Responses
  1. divineheather says:

    We are excited to work with you!

    Thanks for creating such an interesting and entertaining blog. I could get lost on it for who knows how long, reading, viewing – just checking everything out.



  2. Lilly says:

    I REALLY look forward to your review of the MM.
    I kinda didn’t like it…not powerful enough.

    It IS lightweight, and doesn’t heat up, easy to hold, etc….but…I dunno. I’m built of steel ;)
    i’m reviewing the Hitachi soon, so will be able to compare.
    If the Hitachi fails me…I need to see someone :P

  3. scarlet lotus sexgeek says:

    @divineheather: Thank you! This time for a very different reason than previously, of course. I love your compliment and really appreciate it, I’m always glad when someone finds me interesting! =)

    @Lilly: Hmm, that’s good to know. Personally I can’t take the Hitachi on high, I just use it on low, but it rocks my world! So, perhaps the Massager will work for me, then. We shall see!
    And, yes, if the Hitachi fails… well… let’s just say I would be seriously impressed!

  4. dominadoll says:

    Hey I see you are getting the Vicky Venus! Can’t wait to read your review. You’ll love the new Silver Bullet as well, I’m sure. I just used mine last night and I am impressed! TC!

  5. scarlet lotus sexgeek says:

    @dominadoll: I’m really looking forward to… well, all of the toys! As I write I’m waiting for UPS to show up with my package (they tried to deliver yesterday, but failed), so I’m even more excited in the anticipation of it! Cheers!

  6. geniko says:

    I must have the Hitachi Magic Wand! I MUST HAVE IT! :-) Someday . . .

  7. scarlet lotus sexgeek says:

    @geniko: I agree! I think everyone should own one, especially the females, but the males too, hell yeah! And once I get through this batch of VibeReview toys I’ll be posting my ode to the hitachi! Should be fantastic.

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