EdenFantasys: A Sex Shop I Don’t Trust

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If you are 18+ you should know this blog contains frank and explicit discussion of sex, sexuality, queerness, gender, BDSM, polyamory/non-monogamy, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Based on this information or my blog in general you may or may not want to subscribe [...]

Sex Toys and Videotape

Note: there’s nothing really in here about videotape, I was just amused by myself at the title. I know, it’s kind of lame, but I’m often easily amused and also having a big can’t-think-of-a-better-title moment. That is all.
You may have noticed there have been a lot more reviews around here lately, or just [...]

Review: Luna Pleasure Bead System by LELO

By now I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I mention just how much I love LELO, because everything I’ve reviewed of theirs thus far I have raved about, and the Luna Beads are just as well crafted and gorgeous as any of the other toys I have reviewed, yet completely different. Lelo makes [...]

Review: Ella by LELO

If this already hasn’t become apparent to you, then you probably have not read my other reviews of Lelo products because I rave about them every time I have the honor of reviewing one. This time it is no different. Although the first time I tried out the Ella I actually didn’t enjoy [...]

Review: G-Plus Massager Attachment

My second verified review for Eden Fantasys went up this morning, on the G-Plus Massager Attachment.
This massager attachment fits on spring-ball type massagers such as the Hitachi or Ideal and is shaped much like the Rock Chick, G-Rock or other vibrators which hit both the g-spot and clitoris. It is made of TPR (Thermo [...]

Review: Colt Shower Shot

My very first verified review! How exciting!

My review of the Colt Shower Shot Anal Kit/Enema Device is now up on Eden Fantasys as of today!
Despite my long-time love of anal, this was actually my first enema experience. I thought that the toy itself was very reliable, the only downside is that it is [...]

Review: Bondage Duckie

My review of the Bondage I Rub My Duckie sex toy went up on EdenFantasys a few days ago!
The Bondage Duckie is adorable, I originally bought it as a display-only toy since I thought it was too cute not to have, but soon learned that it was well worth using as a [...]

Review: Waterproof Wabbit Vibe

I just submitted my review of the Waterproof Wabbit Vibe on Eden Fantasys.
This is a vibe I’ve had for years and which I love dearly. While it’s no Rabbit Pearl (featured on Sex and the City and the most well-known rabbit vibrator) the only major difference is the lack of pearls and [...]

Review: Remote Controlled Butterfly

Just published my first review on Eden Fantasys! It’s on the Remote Controlled Butterfly which I absolutely adore.
I’ve had the toy for a while, but didn’t get to really try it out until Master and I went on our trip. I talked about it in this post (the remote to it [...]