Finally Fixed in IE

Many of you may be aware that my site has not been working in IE for quite some time. This was something that was not brought to my attention until meeting up with The Dark Republican. He pointed it out to me, and I ignored it while secretly obsessing over it for about a week before becoming outwardly obsessed into trying to fix it.

I’ve been using FFox 3 beta for many weeks, and I have not used IE as a main browser for years. While I do have the FFox plugin to turn a tab into an IE tab, I hadn’t used it on my site before he mentioned it to me. I suppose I assumed that since it worked in FFox it would work in IE. Silly, silly me. For a bit I was thinking “oh, who really uses IE anyway! It’s not a big problem…” But, then, I realized, especially with the multitude of people coming into the site via sugasm #136 yesterday, and looking at the browser statistics in my site report (about 1/2 FFox and 1/2 IE), that this was a problem that really needed to be fixed, and I blame my low RSS reader stats on my lack of working in IE (though that’s probably not the only reason, but I can live in delusions if I so choose).

So, I obsessed. I’ve been obsessing for the last few days (which has really helped to hinder my posting), but I finally figured it out this morning! It would have been better if I fixed it yesterday morning, as I got many hits yesterday from IE browsers and realize now they may or may not come back. But, oh well. And, of course, now that I know what the problem was I’m kicking myself over not figuring it out sooner. Though, I think it was more than just one, but the last issue I found should have been the easiest. All you programmers/coders/geeks/etc. out there probably understand where I’m coming from.

Long story short: this site now works in IE both 6 and 7 (I checked).

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2 Responses
  1. The Dark Republican says:

    aw yes, you have it fixed. yay! now. does it work in IE 8, which i hear will be coming out soon. LOL I hope yer having a great day!

    The Dark Republican

  2. scarlet lotus sexgeek says:

    Heh, well, assuming they don’t make any major scripting changes in IE 8 (though, it being IE, one never knows) it should be fine. I fixed the main issue with it, as well as scripted it better due to gaining more knowledge of the CSS programming I was working with. So, hopefully it will work. But, if you want to download the IE 8 beta and let me know, you’re free to do so!

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