Over the Weekend

This weekend was, in a word, amazing. Lots of sex, new friends, Tristan Taormino, and our first foursome. Though not in that order. Wait, though, I need to back up a bit. While I was in Juneau Onyx met Terra and her husband Storax. Onyx and Terra were attracted to each other and began talking, [...]

The Best Laid Plans

Found at Romeo Tees (yes, it’s a shirt you can buy! I want one) I love anal sex. I really don’t say that enough on here I think. I love giving it, receiving it, just about anything about it. Well, I don’t like when it’s messy, but I don’t get upset when it is because [...]


Horizon and Windows by random letters used under a Creative Commons The floor-to-ceiling windows allow the hues of sunset to cascade into the room, reds, pinks and oranges, enhancing the dim lighting. Her back is to me as she watches the horizon slowly change. Her stance is wide, strong, and I desperately want to move [...]

In Which I Wake Up Coming

Ho. Lee. Shit. I’ve never had this happen before that I can remember. I just woke up from a dream coming, without any physical stimulation. It was glorious. I was very pleasantly surprised! Now, the dream: I’m not sure how I got into the situation, but I was with someone (no one I know) and [...]

Microfantasy Monday – Displayed Backside

Microfantasy Mondays comes from Ang of Sweltering Celt, it’s such a good idea I decided to join in! This week’s theme:There is an ass and it is on display. His eyes roam over the exposed mounds of flesh, perfectly rounded and soft to the touch. Each movement closer to the edge of the bed brings [...]

A Few Orgasms Before Bed

Because my blog has been entirely to smut-less lately, even though I have all these ideas for smutty stuff but I end up writing all the introspective stuff first, and because it was hot. Last night… He stepped out of the shower and came into our bedroom, already knowing what was going to happen. I [...]

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

I posted this a few days ago in another journal, and decided it’s necessary to post it here along with what happened after I posted it… From redtube, so, you know, not work safe, but neither is this blog, so you should know this already. I posted it under the title “Gimme Some of This, [...]

Try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books written in a foreign language

Do you enjoy being spanked? I definitely do, especially long ones that start with a warming up with the hand, then move to the flogger, then to the strap, then to the cane, or some combination of such. I love being spanked by hand, and by the flogger, the strap… not so much, but when [...]

Fucking, Finally

He started new hours at his job this week, so there was very little fucking, as he would come home at 10pm and we would watch a couple episodes of Dexter and then crash (I was getting up at 6:30 and crazy hours like that, so we were both very tired). I’ve been aching for [...]

Tease Me

Read in Episode #2 of The Sacred and Shameless Sexcast. i perk up as you walk in the room, moving to sitting position, slightly awkwardly coming to rest sitting up on my knees, my head less than an inch away from the dark steel top of the cage. You left me here, waiting, aching, after [...]