Dirty Boi/Balcony (HNT)

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Though it’s technically no longer Thursday I’m all about posting dirty pictures for HNT but late or whatever. I don’t usually “participate” as far as posting on the weekly HNT round-up thing but I like any excuse to post pictures. Mostly I participate in HNT whenever I have the inspiration to do so.

Last week Carnivalesq asked me to help her choose what pictures to use for her HNT, one of which was a packing picture. Being of the loving-to-pack persuasion as well I suggested that this week she, Marla, and I should all post packing pictures, and even though I’m a day late (and Marla will be too) we definitely wanted to participate!

Carnivalesq’s HNT (password protected) and Marla’s HNT!

These first couple are from a few weeks ago, taken specifically for my Daddy.



While we were out on our balcony taking Marla’s HNT we decided to take a few pictures while both of us were packing and stroking each other’s cocks.




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  1. Kyle says:

    y’all are hot.. and I know where that balcony is.. hot and dangerously naughty
    Kyle´s last blog ..from her private stash My ComLuv Profile

  2. carnivalesq says:

    Bahaha, I forgot to look at this, I got the email notif for the comment ping while I was at work without my computer… excellent! You’re both so lovely.
    carnivalesq´s last blog ..I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together My ComLuv Profile

  1. Balcony (HNT) « Confessions of Promiscuity says:

    [...] I love packing, it really brings out the boy in me. I especially love packing when Scarlet packs also, and we take pictures outside. [...]

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