Review: Two Knotty Boys Showing You the Ropes

If you are under the age of 18 please click here to leave. If you are 18+ you should know this blog contains frank and explicit discussion of sex, sexuality, queerness, gender, BDSM, polyamory/non-monogamy, and whatever else strikes my fancy. Based on this information or my blog in general you may or may not want [...]

Review: PoMoSexuals- Challenging Assumptions about Gender and Sexuality

PoMoSexuals: Challenging Assumptions About Gender and Sexuality is an anthology of essays edited by Carol Queen and Lawrence Schimel that is essentially a smack in the face to traditional and even some non-traditional ideas of gender and sexuality. It refutes any idea of any sort of binary along either of those lines. Through reading the [...]

The Leather Daddy and the Femme

How do I start a review of a book which speaks to me in such personal and intimate ways, beyond being about sex? How do I begin to describe the ways this book has clicked with me? I guess by answering those questions. The brilliance of the book is that it delves into theory while [...]

Library Request Activism

Found here at Queers United Inspired by a right-wing blog I read that was advocating for their readers to request “ex-gay” books for their local libraries I decided to post a reverse entry. Your local library is about serving the community, they want to carry books and videos that their residents want. They have a [...]

The (Leather Daddy and the Femme) Bibliophile HNT

Click here for the larger version. In true FFToy fashion, because I have been completely devouring this book and it’s the only thing I can really think about and because it is not only crazy hot but in some ways a perfect articulation of some of my own desires, I decided for my HNT this [...]

My Dick is a Girl

I’ve been thinking a lot about femme cock lately, ever since I posted on the subject. I haven’t only been thinking about the acquisition of one, however, but also what it means to have a femme cock, and what it means that my cock is femme. On one hand, it’s a very minuscule difference. I [...]

It’s denim and leather and butch wax, kid, and don’t you forget it. Unless you’re vegan.

Butch is a Noun is a book I’ve been eyeing for months, but have not actually gotten around to buying yet, by S. Bear Bergman. I found this youtube video of him reading the first chapter of the book, which is called What Butch Is, which I have been told is the best part of [...]

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."

I’ve been thinking a lot about BDSM in general, as well as the way gender plays out within BDSM roles, and I’ve come to some discoveries. I’ve been thinking about writing Eros in Leather as I mentioned earlier which would be a M/f spinoff of Venus in Furs, which is F/m. However, there arises a [...]

"I now know that there can be such a thing as a rose without a thorn"

I’m tempted to undergo a book called Eros in Leather as a (M/f) counterpart to Venus in Furs. What do you think? From what I’ve read of VIF’s contemporary counterpart Senso it does not seem worthy of being the counterpart, and therefore I may have to make one. Or someone will. Speaking of reading: I [...]

D/s and Gender Musings

I’m currently reading Venus In Furs for my Queer Theory class. It’s the first time I’ve read it and it really remarks to me the differences between F/m and M/f (and F/f and M/m) more than I could go into, of course, but here are some tidbits which made me think and realize a few [...]

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