November in a Glance

I’m doing this post round-up both for you my readers and for myself, it helps me to categorize what I have done and written, to see what areas I talk about most, what things I may want to talk about next month, and where my relationship(s) have been and how they have developed over the last month.

November was a big month for me, the largest post-wise so far, and my first time attempting to participate in NaNoWriMo, though I didn’t win but I have a better idea for what I want to do next year, or for when I choose to work out a plot and try to write a novel on my own. It was an eye-opening experience even though I didn’t complete a novel.

Huge things happened here in the US in November, which, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere, you have no doubt heard about. Barack Obama is our President Elect, and Proposition 8 in California has sparked a great queer rights insurgence. It’s pretty fantastic.

I didn’t realize how many reviews I had actually popped out during November, but I’ve really been trying to make up for having more reviews with at least twice the amount of non-review posts. I started doing at least two reviews per week in November, sometimes more.


  • Speaking of Barack Obama, I urged everyone to vote and expressed my feelings about the election.
  • I explored my love of 50s and 60s (mainstream romantic) movies and the importance of recognizing inherent sexism.


  • Sex toy-related non-review posts related to buying toys. ‘Tis the season, and all that, don’t you think a loved one deserves a little (or a lot of) pleasure this year? Queercents Economic Stimulus Plan: Buy Sex Toys, and some information about my affiliates and review programs.

fat femme

  • I found The Adipositivity Project which is a wonderful photography project encouraging size acceptance.
  • I also explored a bit of my own fatphobia in an HNT post.

queer poly

  • I couldn’t resist posting the video of Keith Olbermann on Prop 8, along with everyone else. It’s amazing and powerful, and deserves to be spread as far and wide as possible.

kinky switch

  • Onyx and my three year anniversary of our collaring came and went, which made me ponder about where our relationship has come from and is going to and what significance our collaring has anymore.


  • NaoWriMo Glimpse – Anticipation a glimpse of the novel I began writing for NaNoWriMo, a hot butch/femme noir story.
  • Microfantasy Mondays are a new blog occurance and just as they sound like: a mini-fantasy posted every monday in adherence with the theme of the week. Themes: Displayed Backside and Standing.


  • Onyx guest posted this month to bring you Semantics: In General all about general semantics, especially regarding labels.
  • I had a long post about Kinky vs. Queer vs. Straight Sex, examining the differences thereof and my definitions of each.
  • I waxed a little philosophical with The Only Thing Constant which delved into my ideas about personality theory and such.


  • As per usual I participated in Half-Nekkid Thursday with Corseted, This Just In, Side View Exposition (as mentioned above as well), and Happy Thanksgiving.
  • I mused about my level of socializing, or lack thereof and how this blog factors into that.
  • My newest obsession is a jewelry made out of Orgonite which my neighbormates are now making. Check it out.
  • I had a confession to make regarding my desire to receive oral sex. Some of you agreed with me, which was delightful.


  • I reviewed a crazy amount of products this month. Bandito (dildo), The Leather Daddy and the Femme (book), Luna Pleasure Bead System by LELO (kegel exercisers), PoMoSexuals (book), Celestial Perfection (dildo), Mia: by LELO (vibrator), Leather Leash (just what it sounds like), Boy Butter (lube), Good Dyke Porn (website), Finger Sleeve with Vibrating Bullet (vibrator), and Strawberry Cheesecake O’My Lube and the G-spot Dream Massager (lube and vibrator). Quite a successful month.

all else

  • My newest project, Pleasurists took off with a bang after it’s first round-up at the end of October. I participated and compiled Pleasurists #2, Pleasurists #3, Pleasurists #4, and Pleasurists #5.
  • I also participated in two Sugasm’s this month: #152 and #153

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  1. chicory says:

    I found the theory and personal posts the most intriguing. But I have to say that the fat femme posts were the ones most helpful of my own issues. So, thank you.

    • Scarlet Lotus Sexgeek says:

      @chicory, You’re welcome, I’m always glad if I’m able to help or touch others in any way, of course, and I will be responding to your email soon. Also, thank you for letting me know that!

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