Review: Pink and Black Beaded Nipple Clamps

Cute, femme, and flirty, the Pink & Black Beaded Nipple Clamps bring a bit of class to standard tweezer-clamp style nipple clamps. Ranging in sensation from soft and pleasurable to wicked and painful, clamps are fun and easy to use. A definite necessity!

Thank you very much to Tabu Toys for allowing me to review these Pink & Black Beaded Nipple Clamps!

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  1. Beautiful Dreamer says:

    These are pretty light, right? I have alligator nipple clamps that are a little too much for my nipples. I’m thinking I may have better luck with tweezer clamps.
    Thanks again for a great review!

    Beautiful Dreamer’s last blog post: Best Sex Toy Reviewers 2008

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