The Nea has Stolen My… Heart?

I am absolutely enamored with the Nea by Lelo, I’m enamored with all of their products, really, but the Nea is the only one I currently own. Lelo was kind enough to send me a Nea to review and let me tell you, it may just have surpassed the Hitachi as my favorite toy. Though it’s not as powerful as the Hitachi, but it’s small (only about two inches), curved just right, and what it lacks in power it makes up for in maneuverability.

This isn’t my official review of it, I’ll have much more to say about it then, this is more of just a side note. Even Dominus likes it. The night I first had it I couldn’t stop playing with it while we were in bed. I wasn’t putting it on my clit, rather I was just turning it on, playing with the different pulses, pressing the tip against any exposed skin I could get my hands on. I made it buzz against his nipples, belly, and down to his cock, just playing the vibration against him, and he seemed to enjoy it…

I am in love with all things Lelo at the moment, and hope to get more of their pleasure objects in the future. They are all gorgeous and look like works of art, each one more beautiful than the last, each one unique and lustful in it’s own way. I honestly can’t say there isn’t a toy of theirs that I wouldn’t like (though I would never buy the yva, as much as I love toys I wouldn’t spend $1300 on one).

I was actually supposed to get the Lily instead of the Nea, but there was a mix up in shipping it, and since they are basically identical (though they have slightly different finishes, and the Nea has the pretty floral design) I wasn’t too upset about it… though I still want the Lily. I want them all, though, so that makes sense.

I have been keeping it on my night stand, or taking it with me when I go downstairs sometimes, just to play with it in my hand. I’ve idly thought about carrying it with me in my bag, just because if I had the whim to play with it I pretty much could, plus it doesn’t look like a sex toy. I have yet to do so, but it’s on my list of things to do… not sure where I would use it, though. We have pretty good ideas between us, I think we’ll manage

Look forward to my official review (not just my omgiluvthiztoy post as this one is) in the next week or so.

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  1. Ellie says:

    I love my Nea too. I have seen the Lily and prefer it because the smooth finish is so beautiful. It reminds me of a worry stone!

  2. Scarlet Lotus Sexgeek says:

    @Ellie: I love that comparison to a worry stone, and absolutely agree! Like I said, I often pick it up and just play with it in my hand, my mother is a rock lady and I definitely have an affinity toward soft smooth rocks, and I didn’t really make the comparison until you mentioned it. I really want the Lily too, and want to compare and contrast, but I’m very happy with the Nea.

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