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Always Aroused Girl
Bad Bad Girl
Beautiful Dreamer
Bigger Love
A Dance of Divergence
Desk Full of Dildos
Diary of a Kinky Librarian
Dragon Mage
Ellie Lumpesse: Pretentious Pervert
Erin Leone
The FemmeCast
Femme FATale
The Femme Show
Heart Full of Black
Hey Epiphora
Live Girl Review
Marky D Sade
Miss Avarice
Natt Nightly
Onyx V St. Syr
The Perverted Negress
Pop My Cherry by Domina Doll
Ramblings of a Newbie
Sex. Shoes. By Thursday’s Child
Sexuality Happens by Essin’ Em
Sweet Spiced
Sweltering Celt
Sublimefemme Unbound
Sugarbutch Chronicles
This Could Be Dangerous
Under This Benevolent Dictatorship
The Enigmatic Angel
Pro-SM Feminist Sex Spaces
Subversive Submissive
Fatgirl Femme
Femme is my Gender
Packing Vocals
Red Sneaker Diaries
The Polyamorous Misanthrope
PolyWeekly Podcast
Practical Polyamory
Madeline in the Mirror
Urban Gypsy

Annie Sprinkle
Betty Dodson
Carol Queen
Susie Bright
Tristan Taormino

Sex Community
NYC Sex Blogger Calendar
The Sex Carnival

Great Sex-positive Retailers
Babeland | Blog
Blowfish |Blog | Podcast
Fun Love by Fascinations | Blog
Good Vibrations | Blog
My Pleasure
Tabu Toys
Trinity Romance

Wonderful Adult Product Manufacturers
For Your Nymphomation | Blog
Fun Factory
Good Releasing
Tunti Enterprises
Vixen Creations

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