In 2010…

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Now that I am somewhat outside of the relationships that have consumed me and took over my life for the last eight or so months I find myself getting more in touch with my needs. I am glad to have so much alone time and time to focus on me as me rather than [...]

Holiday Wishlist

This little meme has been circulating around and I thought I would give it a go too! The madness was started by Essin’ Em who also did it last year as I recall. Though I didn’t participate last year I did do something similar, my XXXmas Wishlist which was more outrageously fantastical stuff [...]

In 2009…

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In 2010…
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In the Year 2008

Yes, yes, a yearly review post is a little cliche, but it’s also nice for me to think about what has happened over the past year, and maybe nice for you to read about it and recall some of the things that made up my year. Some things feel like they were years ago, [...]

Happy New Year!

Hope your 2009 is filled with everything you need, loads of hot sex, kinky fun, keen personal insights, growth, and, most of all, partying! Good times and good sex is what 2009 is all about.
It’s pretty much official that 2009 for me is going to be my first year in Seattle, almost a full [...]

The Bunny Winner Is…

#4 Kat – so be expecting an email from me very soon!
Thanks to the Random Number Generator for picking the winner for me, and thank you all for commenting/entering. I absolutely loved hearing what you all are interested in doing next year, and I hope you get to accomplish all your desires.
A big huge [...]

Happy Christmas!

Like many families, my family doesn’t celebrate Christmas from a Christian standpoint, mostly from a cultural standpoint. None of us are really Christian, per se. Christmas music is huge in our house, however, mostly because of my mother, the rest of us like it for the most part (possibly because it’s one of [...]

The Winner of the First Giveaway Is…

Coy Pink!
Oh, goodness… it’s pink! I must have it! It goes with my theme, dontcha know. I’d put a fresh shock of color (pink, of course) in my hair, let Alec lovingly place the collar on my neck and the blindfold on my face. Then I’d beg him to beat me with the whip. All [...]

A Holiday Bunny Giveaway

As my last (and first ever) giveaway is coming to a close (ends tonight at 11:59 PST), it is now time to give away the second toy those wonderful generous people at Babeland have bestowed upon me this holiday season: an Elastomer Rabbit Habit

That famous bunny from Sex and the City, only phthalate-free! The [...]

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