Keith Olbermann on Prop 8

If you are under the age of 18 please click here to leave. If you are 18+ you should know this blog contains frank and explicit discussion of sex, sexuality, queerness, gender, BDSM, polyamory/non-monogamy, and whatever else strikes my fancy. Based on this information or my blog in general you may or may not want [...]

Yes We Did

Just 75 days and some odd hours until the current administration and the last eight years become a memory, and Barack Obama becomes the 44th President of the United States. I am overwhelmed. I’m saddened that Proposition 8 does not seem to be doing too well in California. While not all of the results are [...]


For those of you in the United States, the 4th is a huge day for us, not only because we are going to get the change we need (I hope), but also it may be the largest voter turnout in history they say, assuming people will actually wait in lines as long as they’re going [...]

Playing the 'Gender Card'

I haven’t posted too much that’s out-and-out politics on this site, though I do get political it is in a very specific way. The previous videos have been related to sexism in Hillary Clinton’s campaign or the way Obama and McCain view queer issues and this time the video is again about the gender politics [...]

Library Request Activism

Found here at Queers United Inspired by a right-wing blog I read that was advocating for their readers to request “ex-gay” books for their local libraries I decided to post a reverse entry. Your local library is about serving the community, they want to carry books and videos that their residents want. They have a [...]

Bound to Struggle Vol. 3 Call for Submissions

Found via Subversive Submissive and thought I’d pass it along. I’m definitely going to add it to the list of things to write a piece for. Bound to Struggle Where Kink and Radical Politics Meet Volume 3: Word Play Call for Submissions – Deadline September 1, 2008 PURPOSE: To create a ‘zine that brings together [...]

Obama vs. McCain On Queers

I’ve been trying to keep relatively out of election politics thus far, but I feel these deserve repeating. Obama’s and McCain’s positions on queerness. First, McCain. Found here via Queers United. “A video by Stonewall Democrats showcasing John McCain’s anti-LGBT voting record.” Are you really surprised? Second, Obama. Found here via Queerty. “Some excited voter [...]

Jon Stewart on Gay Marriage

Simply fabulous, and my last post on gay marriage for the time being. Technorati Tags: marriage, politics, queer, videophilia Related posts Keith Olbermann on Prop 8 Obama vs. McCain On Queers In Case You're Hiding Under a Rock Somewhere Yes We Did Topics This Is Gender The Undead are Cumming The Importance of Identity Politics [...]

Misogyny is like jazz: Women know it when they hear it

Despite the title of the blog (FEMINIST fucktoy) I have had relatively little posts regarding feminism directly. One could say that feminism and feminist theory (along with pomo, gender, queer, and sexuality theory) form the background of everything I post, and inform all of my ideas and insights. While this is true, sometimes it’s just [...]

In Case You're Hiding Under a Rock Somewhere

You all are, no doubt, tired of hearing about same-sex marriage passing in the California supreme court by now (though who would be tired of hearing about something as wonderful of this, you say? Good question!). However, I will make this short and sweet and just want to send out happiness of all types to [...]

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