Sex 2.0 Conference – I'm Coming!

I’m so very excited! All the stars have aligned to send me to my very first sex-oriented conference Sex 2.0 which is all about “the intersection of social media, feminism, and sexuality.” I had enough mileage for a plane ticket to New York City where I will be staying with one of my sisters (both [...]

Socializing and Me

I’ve realized lately just how far the extent of my lack of desire to socialize goes. Of course, it’s highly dependent on my mood, and I’ve been rather down lately, mostly because of lacking a job and the inability to get one, having no one want me basically, which really gets my abandonment and rejection [...]

Cuntpet Revisited, or: A Horrible slave but a Wonderful cuntpet

This is something I’ve been meaning to post on for a while now, but I just haven’t been able to get around to it. Some of you may have noticed that I took cuntpet out of the title of this blog as well as out of the nick I was using (scarlet lotus cuntpet–now scarlet [...]

The Aim of Discussion is This

Well, we made it back to Salt Lake City safe and sound, and only slightly worse for the wear. One of these days I will post a general trip update in my general blog… once I get around to it. Master and I have been talking a lot, I mean A LOT about what we [...]

glen's collar

I’m working on the collar for glen, it should be pretty damn awesome once I’m finished with it. I’m basically meshing two different collar types together into one, and I hope it will come out the way I envision it. A few hours later… I’ve finished the collar! It didn’t take nearly as long as [...]

Time is a Dressmaker Specializing in Alterations

Well, lets just say that yesterday (Friday) was worse than the day before, which I roundaboutly posted about. I won’t go into details here, but lets just say what little faith I had left in humanity (if at all) now has dissipated completely, and with little hope of coming back (at least for a while). [...]

More and More

I’ve been feeling really off lately, and through talking with Kat I’ve realized some of why. I also just started bleeding today, so that probably has something to do with it. She asked me if I was questioning my submission again, and I haven’t been. I’ve gotten pretty firm in that, and I’ve been playing [...]

Heterosexual Guilt

I suffer from heterosexual guilt. I am currently with a man (as most/all of you know), and I feel guilty for the privilege that affords me. I desire women more, have always desired women more, but I happen to have fallen in love with a man. Deeply, passionately in love. He’s heteroflexible, basically, but not [...]

The Past Week (aka Relationship Work for the Week)

This will make slightly more sense if you’ve read this first. This is the results of that post, or, what I did after that post, really, and what Master and I have been working on since, and etc. This is basically what has come of me getting all these frustrations out in the open, and [...]

The weather today is squirmy with a 75% chance of constant distraction

Two nights ago and last night our roommates were around, we didn’t have as much strict M/s activity, though there was a little. I was subtly presenting things to him which I got for him, though without kneeling as our roommate was around, and I was trying to upkeep his drink, and do what he [...]

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