In the Year 2008


Yes, yes, a yearly review post is a little cliche, but it’s also nice for me to think about what has happened over the past year, and maybe nice for you to read about it and recall some of the things that made up my year. Some things feel like they were years ago, when they were really just a few months. It’s funny how perception of time is such a fluctuating thing.

In 2008…

  • I started this blog, and many other online projects (The Femme’s Guide to Absolutely Everything, Deviant Decadence, Wanton Lotus, and last but not least Pleasurists).
  • I finished my double Bachelors of Science degrees in Gender Studies and Psychology
  • I was unemployed for over five months.
  • I started reviewing sex toys, first for Nod Nightmares, then VibeReview, SexToy.Com, Vibrator.Com, PinkCherry, Babeland, and Tabu Toys (although their reviews haven’t come out yet I received the items in 2008)
  • I embraced my switchy nature completely instead of partially (I used to call myself a slave who Tops on occasion).
  • Onyx and I tried very hard to make our strict O/cp relationship work, and when it didn’t seem to we tried switching, which does seem to work.
  • I fucked Onyx with a strap-on multiple times. Though I had previously used toys on him I had not used a strap-on on him before 2008.
  • Onyx and I celebrated three years together and two years living together.
  • We got a little more involved in the kink community here in SLC and went to our first play party.
  • I went to Europe for the first time in May, England and Norway. I also went to NYC for the first time.
  • I met Kat and glen face-to-face in May (went to England with Kat to meet glen)

I’m sure there was more that happened in 2008, those are just the highlights, but it was a good year. I may add more later if I think of other things.

2009 is going to be a great one as well. T-two weeks until we move to Seattle!

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