Review: Waterproof Wabbit Vibe

I just submitted my review of the Waterproof Wabbit Vibe on Eden Fantasys.

This is a vibe I’ve had for years and which I love dearly. While it’s no Rabbit Pearl (featured on Sex and the City and the most well-known rabbit vibrator) the only major difference is the lack of pearls and spinning of the internal shaft.

The Wabbit, however, can be taken into the bath, and for those who prefer clitoral stimulation (such as me) it still has the wonderful bunny ears which have been known to get me off multiple times (read: 60+) in a day. Read my review here and check out my reviewer profile.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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  1. Atrion says:

    I stand by you in saying I still prefer the “Rabbit Pearl” though I am soon going to need to replace it soon… would you recommend this one or getting another of the same?

    Atrion’s last blog post: Atrion84: What a gloomy looking day it is… Its days like this you almost which you had just stayed in bed….

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