Holiday Wishlist

This little meme has been circulating around and I thought I would give it a go too! The madness was started by Essin’ Em who also did it last year as I recall. Though I didn’t participate last year I did do something similar, my XXXmas Wishlist which was more outrageously fantastical stuff [...]

Birthday Contest Winner: Bob

Here are some more winners from my Birthday Blowout Contest! The first winners are here, more winners here and here. I still have a couple more winners to announce so there will be more coming soon.

LELO Bob from PinkCherry Sex Toys! Bob is also one of my Top Toys and a great cute [...]

Happy Birthday to Me – Have Some Presents!

from cakecentral
Today is my birthday, and since I love giving as much as I love receiving I decided to have a massive contest and give away tons of great products!!!
I asked just about every company I’ve worked with to be involved and got an overwhelming response! Pink Cherry, Babeland, Tabu Toys, Tantus, Ophoria,, [...]

LELO Contest Voting!

Image is a slightly modified version of the header on the LELO Vimeo Group
I let you know a while ago about the LELO Toy Giveaway that I was doing on Pleasurists. Friday was the last day to enter, so now voting begins!
There were 10 entries in total, each of them seriously fantastic! Honestly, [...]

Reviews: I love LELO and Massages!

My reviewing structure, as outlined in this post is that I post full reviews on my review site Wanton Lotus (RSS) and teaser reviews once a week here. I posting reviews on Wanton Lotus Tues-Weds-Thurs or some combination thereof depending on the amount of reviews I have each week. Fridays are supposed to [...]

LELO Toy Giveaway on Pleasurists!

Image is a slightly modified version of the header on the LELO Vimeo Group
Cross-posted from Pleasurists
Everyone loves LELO toys. Usually I stay away from sweeping generalizations like that, but I really think this one is true. Especially since they expanded their line to include their homme line, now no one has a reason [...]

Review: Gigi by LELO

Find the Pink or Deep Rose Gigi along with other vibrators and sex toys of every flavor on SexToy.Com.
Much thanks to SexToy.Com for letting me review the LELO Gigi!

Technorati Tags: clitoral vibrators, g-spot toys, LELO, SexToy.Com, vibrators

Review: Bob by LELO

My Bob pleasure object – Color: Bordeaux
If you have read any of my other LELO reviews you probably already know just how much I sing their praises. They recently changed around the layout of their site to seperate their products into three main product lines: femme, homme, and luxe. Up until a couple [...]

Review: Mia by LELO

In addition to being made by Lelo and therefore being sleek, elegant, and gorgeous simply by design, Mia is also the first sex toy of her kind, a high-end rechargeable sex toy that is powered by your computer alone! You heard me. Mia charges via USB port and dubbed by Lelo to be [...]

Review: Luna Pleasure Bead System by LELO

By now I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I mention just how much I love LELO, because everything I’ve reviewed of theirs thus far I have raved about, and the Luna Beads are just as well crafted and gorgeous as any of the other toys I have reviewed, yet completely different. Lelo makes [...]

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