October in a Glance

I’m doing this post round-up both for you my readers and for myself, it helps me to categorize what I have done and written, to see what areas I talk about most, what things I may want to talk about next month, and where my relationship(s) have been and how they have developed over the last month.

Holy wow, is it really November already? It seems like just yesterday I was astounded that it was October, now it’s been another month. Insanity. November is going to be exciting, most notably the 4th, I think. If you read this via RSS reader and haven’t stopped by my site you probably haven’t noticed the new addition to my sidebar, and Obama Pride image and a little blurb saying I support Barack Obama.

But, back to October, since that’s what this post is really about. In October, Onyx and I switched for the first time, which ended up working well. I posted a little less than I had the last few months, I fell off the posting structure I had set out before, but I have a new one to implement.

Also, I just hit 100 Subscribers! Which is pretty exciting! I wish there was a way for me to be able to tell who was my 100th subscriber, ’cause I totally would love to send them something, but I may just have to have a contest instead… more on that in November!


  • I reviewed three toys in the month of October: The Under the Bed Restraints, The Odyssey Tickler, and The Hardcore Harness.

fat femme

  • There was a series of Identity Musing posts which delved into my gender identity progression from as far back as I remember. It was a three-part series which led to some personal insights: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

queer poly

  • After coming home from my trip to Alaska and the Pacific Northwest I had some things to say about identity and how it
  • I found the Go PoMo video so, of course, I had to share it with you.
  • Onyx and I have been opening him up to his queer side a bit more, so I talked a bit about his queer identity and our queering of him.

kinky switch

  • Onyx and I decided to switch to see how we would enjoy it, and decided to make switching a part of our normal routine.
  • I also decided to give you a dose of smut with me Dominating Onyx.

all else

  • As per usual I participated in Half-Nekkid Thursday with Bare, Home Sweet Heartache, Ballet Shoes and Rainbow Knee Socks, and Happy Halloween.
  • I was tagged in a seven facts meme twice! So I gave you 14 Facts about me.
  • I premiered my new project: Pleasurists.Com an adult-product review round-up blog with some info and the first Pleasurists.
  • I talked about The Butterfly Temptress Cancer Fund and how you can help.
  • I also posted PG Porn, about the New Masthead up above there, and my experience going to a Genitorturers concert.

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