Queer Love, Het Love, Whatevah

By Athens Boys Choir, “a gender-deviant, multi-media, spoken word/hip-hop extravaganza.” Found via Ellie Lumpesse and Feministing. I absolutely love it, and so even though many of you will have seen this already, I’m still reposting it for those of you who may not be reading Ellie (though you should be).
Pansexual is one of [...]

Scarlet Seductions

Click here for the larger version
Popped my HNT Cherry! I wanted to do something very “me” for this my very first Half-Nekkid Thursday, so I put on my leather scarlet corset and scarlet and white polka dot skirt and grabbed my lovely scarlet and white Vicky Venus dildo and my terra-firma harness and took tons [...]

A Wicked Tease

Master and I were lying in bed last night and I remarked that he had forgotten to turn off the light in the “office,” the door of which is next to ours in the corner of the small hallway in an L configuration ( | = our bedroom door _ = the office door). [...]

Some Structure for the Site

I’ve been thinking a lot about the structure of this blog, the intent, what I’m trying to “say” or do or what affect I’m trying to have, and I can’t answer all of those yet, but I’m working on it. This is more than just a blog for me to write about things going [...]

Oh, Sugasm (#142)

Time for the Sugasm again. Yes, it’s Tuesday, and that’s when they do it! I submitted… oh, geez, was it just the last post? I’ve got to post those drafts I’ve been working on… well, anyway, I submitted Discoveries of the Domina for this week’s sex(y) bloggers round-up as Sugasm is. [...]

Discoveries of the Domina

I dissected my submissive desires back in June with my Cuntpet Revisited post, and I’ve been exploring this Domina side of myself for quite some time, so I’ve come to some realizations. Nothing quite as profound or in-depth as the cuntpet analysis, but some interesting discoveries, nonetheless.
I’ve found that this journey of discovery has [...]

Would it be too Sexy?

Something I’ve been pondering for a while is to start participating in Half Naked Thursday. For one thing, I have my face on the blog already, so it’s not like I’m searching for any sort of anonymity. And I am working on becoming more comfortable with and proud of my body, so perhaps [...]

The Hermit Peeks Out From Her Shell

Master and I went to a play party this weekend. It’s the first one either of us had ever actually been to, and hopefully it won’t be the last. Despite having explored BDSM for the last ten years or so I’ve never been anywhere that had an active community that I was a [...]

It's That Sugasm Time Again! (#141)

My Sugasm entry this week was my post on My Femme Cock (below the cut). I had quite a few more people looking at it than my previous ones, perhaps because it is not in the BDSM category this time, but in the category simply about Sex and Relationships.
I missed participating last week, but [...]

My Queer Identity, Or: Problems of Visibility

Being part of the queer community has been something extremely important to me since I was in high school, though I came out in middle school. I have always been queer in one way or another. I was the fat kid growing up, always the largest in my class, always the one made [...]

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