Semantics Sunday: Fagette

One of my new favorite words, one which I’m even considering adding to my long list of labels up on the masthead, I’ve already added it to my gender description. I first encountered the term in the Fagette video by Athens Boys Choir which is absolutely lovely, hilarious, wonderful, and perfect.
Doing a search on [...]

Relationships End and Other Fears

Everything I know about relationships means that Dominus’ and mine will never last. At some point we will find that we no longer fit together like we once did. Is it logic or fear that is telling me that? Sometimes I’m not sure. I don’t completely believe it, but I don’t [...]

Kinky Sex Link

As I’ve mentioned before this has been my summer for collaborative projects. Coming into the summer I wasn’t involved in any, but now I’m in three different ones, all with their own allure. I’m really excited to be part of these group blogs. I’ve already talked about the other two projects, and [...]

Library Request Activism

Found here at Queers United
Inspired by a right-wing blog I read that was advocating for their readers to request “ex-gay” books for their local libraries I decided to post a reverse entry.
Your local library is about serving the community, they want to carry books and videos that their residents want.
They have a suggestion box or [...]

Kissyfaced Love HNT

Click here for the larger version.
So, I’m cheating a little. This pic was taken a while ago, January of 2007 in fact, so a damn long ago considering what I am posting it for. Today marks two years that I’ve lived here in Salt Lake City. Exactly two years since I made [...]

The Undead are Cumming

“Braaaaaaaaains… I mean, peeeeniiiissssssssssss…”

How could I resist posting the clip from a gay zombie movie as found here on Queerty. When someone combines two of my favorite things and makes them just this hilarious, there’s no way I’m passing up posting about it.
This spoof trailer could easily be viewed in one of two ways: [...]

VibeReview Sent Me to New Toy Heaven!

It’s that time again! I’m excited to say that my next shipment from VibeReview is on it’s way. Currently I have just one more toy to review from them, Silicone Crystal Cote (and what a review that will be!), which should be coming to you shortly. But, having one toy left means [...]

Review: The Silver Bullet

Don’t forget to click on The Obama for President Coupon so that you can get 10% off your next order with VibeReview!

I love clitoral vibrators, especially if they are affordable and strong, and The Silver Bullet is just that. Bullets have a dear place in my heart, as the first vibrator I ever bought [...]

Semantics Sunday: Femme

Yes, I know, it’s not Sunday (again) I’m getting bad at these, but at least I’m trying to stick to the posting schedule even if it is not the right day! And, that’s what backdating is for! My best excuse for being late is that our mama cat had her kittens yesterday! See [...]

The Nea has Stolen My… Heart?

I am absolutely enamored with the Nea by Lelo, I’m enamored with all of their products, really, but the Nea is the only one I currently own. Lelo was kind enough to send me a Nea to review and let me tell you, it may just have surpassed the Hitachi as my favorite toy. [...]

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