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Based on this information or my blog in general you may or may not want to subscribe [...]

Empowerment and Submission

A fast-write to help me with my paper, and to entertain you all, of course.
How is it empowering to be a female submissive in a heterosexual relationship? That’s the question, really, and sometimes I’m not sure how to answer it. Although I feel empowered within my relationship, in many ways, it’s also a [...]

Relationship Shapes

I’ve been thinking a lot about how Master and I met lately. I’m not sure why… it popped into my head the other day, thinking that I should send the person who basically introduced us something, a thank you card or fruit basket.
I’ve been thinking a lot about my own sexuality as well (big [...]

Disturbing… or Awesome?

The 25 Most Disturbing Sex Toys according to
Would it surprise anyone if I was to say I own one of these, have seriously thought about buying two, and idly thought about buying four more? I didn’t think so.
Anyone want to take a gander at which ones those may be?

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My Name

As I’ve mentioned previously, Master and I have been looking for a cuntpet name for me for quite some time, but have been unable to find one that has fit. I’ve been wanting a name as an aid to training, an aid to submitting, a little extra control over me.
So, today, Master found my [...]

The Dark Republican

I was recently (just barely) messaged by The Dark Republican on fetlife (he’s right here). He is moving to the area and looking for friends, and me definitely needing friends, it’s a perfect combination.
During and after responding to his message I read a bit of his blog, and not only does he have me [...]

Developments, Backwards Steps, and the Path Forward

I’ve been kind of bereft of things to say lately. Not that there aren’t things happening, but perhaps because there is too much happening and I can’t formulate all my words for it. Not a lot on the BDSM front has been happening, really, we’re just plugging along. Master has gotten kind [...]

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

I posted this a few days ago in another journal, and decided it’s necessary to post it here along with what happened after I posted it…
From redtube, so, you know, not work safe, but neither is this blog, so you should know this already.

I posted it under the title “Gimme Some of This, Please?” [...]

That Which We Call A "Rose"…

Someone posted about being named today, and it got me thinking. I have been wanting a slavecuntpet name for quite some time now, yet Master and I have yet to find one which suits. Kat has been calling me “lotus” and “flower” which I do love, but that would be my name with [...]


Some days I have very little to say D/s wise, and on these days I’m quiet.
I’m working on a paper for my Queer Theory class exploring BDSM, which should be interesting. I’m having a very hard time narrowing down a concept. I’m thinking of exploring gender, using Venus in Furs and Secretary, or [...]

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