Things I Want

A collar like one of these two, or some combination thereof (but not ruby, like the first one is, garnet, which closely resembles what Master first described to me to be the collar he would like to get me:
(14:49:41) (@living`dead`pet) so, i decided that mentioning wanting to buy me a collar but then not getting [...]

One whole year

Today is my one year anniversary of moving to SLC. I’m listening to a couple voice posts I made on livejournal last year, including the revelation that I would be moving here. I’m thinking over the last year, as well, and all the things that has happened, and how short it seems.
Master and I are [...]

BDSM group?

I met someone last Saturday who is in the local BDSM group here in Salt Lake. It’s exclusive, from what I’ve been told before, you have to be sponsored in and go to some classes before you can go to the meetings or munches. There is an unofficial munch this Saturday, however, and we should [...]