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This week’s HNT was Marla’s idea. We’ve been doing a lot of gender play since she got here in many different forms, and that combined with my newly cut hair, walking through this park a couple days ago and wanting to take pictures in front of the waterfalls, and the dress she’s wearing (which I was wearing yesterday) all gave her the idea for these shots.

I set up and took the pictures with my tripod and little camera remote (so handy!).

We got a little naughty in the park, it’s rare I’m on the other side of the skirt and I took full advantage of the fact she wasn’t wearing panties. Luckily there weren’t too many people around. You can see a hint of that in a couple of the pictures below.

Click any picture for a larger version of the same.

First a little of me…



One of her…


Then a little of us…





Check out Marla’s HNT for some of the same and some different photos!

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7 Responses to “Butch/Femme (HNT)”

  1. Eliot says:

    I’m digging your threads, Scarlet. Also, I like the waterfall. I think the last one is my fave, mostly because of your smile. Great photoshoot! Thanks to you the two of you for sharing. :-)
    Eliot´s last blog ..Lace HNT My ComLuv Profile

  2. carnivalesq says:

    This is seriously the greatest thing ever. I love the hair, the coordinating colors, the outsideness, the fountain, the tie, the heels, everything. You’re both freaking adorable!! Also, Marla has some killer legs, meow!
    carnivalesq´s last blog ..I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together My ComLuv Profile

  3. sxychikadee says:

    These are really beautiful pictures dear. I’m happy that you all are happy. :)
    sxychikadee´s last blog ..HNT – The Other Kiss My ComLuv Profile

  4. Callaigh says:

    This is awesome-hot!

  5. Angel says:

    I love this photo series!

    Sure it’s hot. But it just seems so romantic to me as well.
    Lovely. Sigh.

    Angel :)
    Angel´s last blog ..she My ComLuv Profile

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  2. Butch/Femme (HNT) | Confessions of Promiscuity says:

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