Home for the Holidays

So, I’m up in Juneau, Alaska (where I grew up) visiting my family for the holidays. I haven’t been much near a computer, only briefly and hardly checked my email, and that’s why I have not posted in a while! I’ll be back home on Sunday, and will probably make a post or two.

I’ve been avoiding having sex while up here, I have never had sex in my parent’s house, and it seemed somewhat weird to do so, but Master and I got to the point today where being around each other was a little too much to bear without fucking… of course, it didn’t help that I was rubbing his cock through his jeans while we were lying on the bed. I had done a little bit of that the night before, but resisted the temptation… it was just too weird. But, after some intense rubbing we decided that there was no way we weren’t fucking.

We wanted to be quick, no one was at home, but one never knows, not to mention we were both highly impatient. He fucked me from behind (big surprise, right?) and just pounded me nice and hard until he was about to cum, at which time he ordered me to turn and get on my knees in front of him and he finished in my mouth, filling it with his cum as I greedily sucked it down. I made sure to milk every drop before asking for him to make me cum. Two fingers in my cunt and my finger on my clit got me off twice in very few minutes.

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