The Network

A list and brief description of the other sites I own, operate, or otherwise contribute on.


Wanton Lotus
My review site, currently housing the same reviews as this site does, but may evolve into something more in the future.

Deviant Decadence
My photoblog/photography site for me to show off my photography, get feedback, and hopefully become a better photographer for it. I’m only a novice photographer, I’ve taken one class on photography so I knows some of the basics, but I hopes that through my dedication to the site I will grow and learn to be a better photographer.


An adult product review round-up blog, with new Pleasurists coming out every Monday with a list of reviews that came out in the last seven days from bloggers all around the sex blogosphere. It’s my pet project, started because I love reviews and so many bloggers are reviewing now it’s often hard to keep track.

Group Blogs

The Femme’s Guide
I started The Femme’s Guide (TFG) in August of 2008 with the intent of creating a group blog that would serve the femme community. TFG aims to create a resource for the online femme community, where femmes can gain helpful information about navigating in this world as a femme, learn about the way others view their femme identity, and come to a greater understanding of their own femme identity.

The Best Sex Bloggers
The Best Sex Bloggers (BSB) is a collaborative effort between erotic, glamour, and fetish photographers and the best sex bloggers of every flavor. There is pretty much something for everyone on BSB, and what better place to find new sex bloggers that you might not know about than there! You can read my contributions via the Scarlet Lotus category.

Kinky Sex Link
Kinky Sex Link (KSL) is a collaborative effort made up of the best BDSM and Fetish Bloggers and Authors around. It’s a kinky hub for all those in or interested in BDSM, kink, fetishes, and so on. There are a lot of great bloggers over there (not just me), so you should definitely check them out! You can see my contributions via the Scarlet Lotus Sexgeek category.

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