Birthday Contest Winner: Candy Apple Restraints

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Here are some more winners from my Birthday Blowout Contest! The first winners are here, more winners here. I have a many more winners to announce so there will be more coming soon.

The winner of the Candy Apple Wrist Restraints from Babeland is Elizabeth aka blessed_harlot!

This is one of the gifts I’m jealous of, I don’t have these and want them! I’ve played with them in the Babeland Seattle store, so I know they’re quality, and I think they’re absolutely gorgeous.

Coming up next… five winners of Tantus products!

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One Response to “Birthday Contest Winner: Candy Apple Restraints”

  1. Eliot says:

    I swear I tweet the exact second before you tweet the URL to the winner posts. lol Congrats to Elizabeth!
    Eliot´s last blog ..Friday linkage II My ComLuv Profile

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